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Aikido Yoshinkan of the master Hiromichi Nagano

Since February, 1999 we are familiar with the sensei Hiromichi Nagano, and for these years at least twice a year he comes to Ukraine, and imparts to us his unique experience and skill. For many of us the sensei Nagano is a Teacher, and the embodiment of tradition of personal transfer of skill: «From the master to the pupil». The spirit of Aikido, his founder Morihei Ueshiba lives in his pupils who have carried out part of the life with the Master, and have enclosed a particle of the soul in Aikido development. The sensei Hiromichi Nagano has gained intimate knowledge of Aikido from the teacher Gozo Shioda — the personal pupil of the founder of Aikido – Morihei Ueshiba. Which said what not enough only see and copy technics of the teacher. So-called oral transfer of knowledge — Kuden that the teacher shares only with especially entrusted pupils is necessary for deep and full understanding. Kuden covers the widest intellectual scope — from features of use of this or that technic, to the principles and bases of Art of the Way forming the complete identity of the follower.

Сalligraphy of Hiromichi Nagano
«Nagano Ryu Aikido» — calligraphy of Hiromichi Nagano

«Aikido Yoshinkan Nagano Ryu»

Federation – was created in Ukraine, by pupils of the sensei Hiromichi Nagano, for the purpose of development and transfer of experience of the Master Nagano – personally, and through his pupils practicing Aikido. «Aikido Yoshinkan»- is a Gozo Shioda’s style of Aikido, «Nagano Ryu» — is a school of the master Nagano. The president of Federation — is the master Hiromichi Nagano, the current management performs – the sensei Arkadiy Krasovskiy (5th dan),
conduct training instructors who certified by the master Hiromichi Nagano, occupations spend the instructor certified by the master Hiromichi Nagano, and passing on his experience in the Dojo/clubs. The federation cooperates with other organizations, her representatives are regularly trained under the leadership of different masters of Aikido: Kyoichi Inoue (10th dan), Tsutoma Chida (8th dan), Masayuki Amano (7t dan), Takashima Saburo (6th dan), and others. Recognizes various schools of Aikido, makes use of their experience in the development, but follows and practices Aikido of the master Hiromichi Nagano (7th dan). The name of the Federation, her logo, and names to all clubs «Dojo» — were appropriated by the master Hiromichi Nagano. A certification program of the Federation – unique, developed by her instructors, on the basis of the traditional program of Aikido Yoshinkan, personal experience of instructors, and taking into account modern living conditions.


 Management of Federation:


 Hiromichi Nagano

 President of The Federation — Hiromichi Nagano

The professional instructor, the official representative of the International Federations Yoshinkan and Nishinkan Aikido in Germany, supervises: Italy, Ukraine, Poland. The believer, Nitiren Buddizm professes.

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Chairman of the board of The Federation — Pavel Gavryk

4th dan Aikido Yoshinkan

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 Arkadiy Krasovskiy

 Chief Instructor of The Federation — Arkadiy Krasovskiy

5th dan Aikido Yoshinkan

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Registration documents:

The certificate of registration The Federation as a part of the International Organization «Fund of Aikido Yoshinkan»


The certificate about State registration

The certificate about State registration



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